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We are able to communicate your questions about issues that are important to you or your pet.

Terri is dedicated to getting answers to your specific questions or situation.  She sees herself as the liaison between pet and human.

Real Testimonials/ Success Stories

Shadow was a beautiful tuxedo kitty who loved going outside, her family was concerned for her safety because an alley ran behind their back fence.  We all agreed she would be allowed to go to the side yard, if she promised not to jump the fence. Shadow was happy to comply with our agreement resulting in success.

Several months had passed and Shadow's family contacted me for a return visit.  Shadow was not herself.  Her family was very upset and needed my help a second time.  After talking with Shadow, she told me someone staying with her family said she was the ugliest cat he'd ever seen.  She wondered why her family had never said anything.  Her family realized their visitor did not like cats.  After the family and I told her she was the most beautiful cat any of us had ever seen, she replied she felt better and now could be her old self.   Now that Shadow knew we all thought she was beautiful, she was happy and content.

Shadow was happily staying in the yard inside the fence where she was safe.  I suggested the family take photos and display them so she could see just how beautiful she was.  Case closed.

Shannon called me to help with her cat  Jinx, her son had left his bedroom window open and Jinx had escaped.   Jinx was an inside only cat.  Shannon was very upset and requested my help.  I told her there was little I could do because I had no history or connection with Jinx, but I could teach her a technique I had used to help find other lost pets and it had worked successfully.  Shannon agreed she would try anything to get Jinx home.  Shannon called me several days later to report several neighborhood children told their mother there was a cat in the storm drain.  The mother went with them and she noticed Jinx down in the storm drain and recognized him from fliers.  She had the number and called.  Shannon called her husband and he came to help.  He was claustrophobic, but climbed down into the storm drain to rescue Jinx.  They rushed him to their vet, as he was hurt in the fall.  It was an amazing story with a happy and successful conclusion.  Jinx ended up healing and the son promised never to leave his bedroom window open again to protect Jinx.

Pam contacted me on a warm sunny day last July.  Her beloved dog Jasper had been missing for two weeks and she was beside herself with worry.  I met her at her house and we walked her yard which bordered on marshy and swampy ground with tall grass.  She presumed Jasper was lost or more than likely dead.  Intuitively, I felt his presence in close proximity and told Pam.  She replied he had been gone too long.  My reply was she must not give up  hope or Jasper would feel her despair.  I told her to go to their favorite spot with a few of his toys and think of  the fun  they had together laughing and playing the games of fetch and keep away.  Send those warm thoughts to him and let him know she loved him and wanted him to come home. Since he did not trust strangers, I suggested I would send him a thought to ask someone for help to find his way home. Three days later she called me so excited two guys on a 4-wheeler had knocked on her door to say they had seen her dog while riding in the swamp.  They took her to him.   She reported he was in good health just a little skinny from lack of food, but literally jumped in her arms and covered her face with kisses.  Another case with a happy and peaceful ending.  Pam and Jasper were reunited with a victory party for all.   Another testimonial to the powers of faith, love and the amazing gifts from the Universe.


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Terri respects the individual and their pets privacy so names have been changed to protect both person and pet.    All details are accurate, but names have been changed to protect privacy. 

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