Interesting Facts

Animal communication is not limited to one specific breed or situation. Terri has often been  contacted by individuals requesting her help from various rescue groups for problems and

issues that needed to be resolved for adoption.  Pets often tell fascinating stories of their journeys or adventures especially, if lost.  Some want to be the only pet, others want a buddy or another type of animal as a buddy.  Animals can be very specific about their wishes or desires.  Pets are very outspoken about their preferences whether it be food, environment, toys or family.  They know what they want and will tell you, if you ask.  Terri has worked with many animals who enjoy the love and respect from their person(s).  They want peace and harmony as much as we do.  Pets generally have their own point of view and enjoy knowing their person(s) understands them. Most pets want peace and calm and will do almost anything to please. 


More Stories

Toby's story


Toby was being shown 

in the ring competing for ribbons and awards. Suddenly, he began ignoring his feed.  Julie called me to come to the barn.  I suggested changing his feed to

see if that helped his digestion.   If that

didn't help the pain in the stomach area,  

 a vet visit was the next step. After a vet visit, medicine  for lesions in the stomach was started.  Toby once again became a winner.  He mentioned

he wanted to try dressage as well as earning awards and ribbons.  Julie

agreed to let him begin dressage, since Toby had been showing well in the ring and he was now eating without distress. 


Buttons' Story


Buttons refused to eat so Sandy contacted me.  He told me he could not eat, his stomach hurt too much. Sadly, the vet said there were no enzymes to digest food and

cancer had eaten away the stomach.

The vet suggested euthanasia and Sandy 

 said good-bye.

Jade's Story


 Jade was tucking her back end as if she were in pain.  She told me she had constant pain in her lower back and she was fourteen.   I suggested a flower

essence for her.  Trish reported Jade was moving like a young dog

within 3 days of starting the 

flower essence.  Her vet confirmed with 

x-rays her spine was deteriorating and she would likely need pain medicine as the degeneration progressed.

Jade's family was thankful for the relief from the flower essence, but

were aware of possible changes in her pain level and consult her vet. 

Looking for a new buddy?


We can communicate with your current

pet and find out what type of buddy

he or she would like.

Communication sessions are better in your pets home environment.


Is your dog trying to tell you something 

you're missing?  

We can help.

Your pet is trying to tell you something and you just don't get it and both of you are frustrated.


You have questions and we have answers and recommendations so everyone benefits.

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