Terri's Bio

All about me

Terri has been working with animals in their language for more than 40 years.  She learned from a client her gift was unusual.  She has always "talked" to squirrels in her yard, birds, butterflies or anything that would talk back.  Terri realized she could connect with other species no matter where they live.   Often, she has assisted them with issues and offers possible solutions. They would reach out to Terri and she would connect with them in return.

Terri has never met an animal she didn't enjoy talking with or helping resolve an issue important to them.  Communicating with animals has always been her greatest love and joy. 

Terri has rescued many animals including a goat who took up residency in a barn on the home place.   Often, stray animals find her.  She currently has two rescued cats and two parakeets.  After having her foster/adopted dog for fourteen years, she now finds herself without a dog. Terri knows her next dog will show up because that's how it seems to happen.  She's waiting for her next dog to come and share her life.

Prior to her working with animals and communicating with them,  Terri was a teacher and educator specializing in mentally challenged individuals. She  worked with juvenile delinquents in her younger years.   She enjoys gardening and playing with her kitties in her spare time.  She wants another dog and is waiting for her next one to find her, since that's how it usually happens for Terri.   Every animal that shows up has a lesson to teach and in the process  Terri

learns a new aspect of her mission.   She  learns from those who have come to teach her love, compassion and empathy.  Only a special bond like theirs can teach or be experienced from 

bonds of unconditional love.  Terri has had the privilege of a lifetime filled with joy and laughter

she experiences in working with and communicating with pets and their person(s).   She   treasures every experience she has shared with the pet(s) and their person.  Terri feels honored 

to be of service to those needing her to assist them in resolution and progress in their daily life. 

In her career, Terri has even been better able to appreciate reptiles.